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Meet the Team!

Leslie > Owner & Boss Babe
This woman will do anything to make her dreams a reality, but more importantly - YOURS! Leslie is a TREMENDOUS Support Local advocate and you'll see that for yourself when you notice the NUMEROUS local products incorporated into the shop! She's got a heart of gold and is a bit of a softie --> but don't tell her we told you that! :-)

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Jennifer "Jen" > Stylist & Event Head Honcho
This super rockstar is your go to, helping you to pick out your new favorite outfit at the shop AND at our events! Jen is our most tenured employee and has a heart of gold and isn't afraid to tell you gals if "something else would look better" on you. That's why we LOVE her! Jen promises you will walk out our doors with your head held high and feeling nothing less than absolutely amazing!

Ashley > Model & Rep Extraordinaire
Ash came swooping in like some sort of miracle worker ready to take on the world! Okay, so maybe just downtown Waterloo & some try-on sessions, but she's a common face online and does a phenomenal job representing BTB!

Bailey > Our very own BTB Johnny-on-the-spot
Bailey is our newest fashionista and first full-timer at the shop! Bailey was thrown into the ropes at the College World Series 2022 and has grown to be an extreme asset to the team! Don't let her cute looks fool you - - she's a go getter!